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I was billed for things I did not know of.and also i was on one of their programs called the life line.which was suppose to be a very low rate,but was charged a large amount of cash on my phone bill.this was around the time 1/05 to the 10 2012.they charged me and then they cut me off without my knowledge. i tryed talking to them but they would not talk to me. all they would say was we don't know where these charges come from,now they have ruined my credit.thank you !arthur norwood.

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Attack Protection - Defiling atack protection group inc.Author of this complaint fraud

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The author of the origional complaint is the fraud.He is in the buss.

ofgetting SSN's and comitting Identity theft.I am the owner of Atack Protection Group Inc. and my credentials speak for themselves. Any one wishing for me to prove my claim, please contact me @ My name Is Jeff

Just an additional note, I have the name,the dd214 or lack of,address,and the record of numerous scams Mr. Juan Carlos Reed has pulled or attempted to pull with other people and companies.Also F.B.I.

has opened a file on this criminal.Search google and you will see for your self.about him and myself.Run my company name and you will see.

Thank You

Attack Protection - Identity theft Pig and associates

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Juan Reed Vendetta against Atack Protection because of Juans patholigical liar history verified again by his mother.Here is just one report to substanciate Atacks vetting process of Juan Reed P.I.G and Associates (ficticious company by the way.) He is angry that we exposed him for what he really is. A Scam artist. not very good I might add.Reed, Juan

UMN (Carlos & Ceasar have been used on multiple websites)

08/2010Newport Beach, VAAn individual named Juan Reed ( that owns a "company" referred to in thread 84661, has resurfaced as Phoenix Group, Phoenix Intelligence Group and the Phoenix Intelligence Institute and involved several former Army SF, Army Intel, USMC, MARSOC and law enforcement members in a scam involving contracts with law enforcement agencies in Arizona going after Homeland Security grant money through "Operation Stonegarden".

During the "work-up" for these so-called contracts, red flags started stacking up until we dug deeper on vetting him and everything about this guy turned out to be BS.

More information and photographs are available on his MySpace page; Juan Reed (

Reed, Juan UMN (Carlos & Ceasar have been used on multiple websites)

W/M DOB: 11/13/71Newport Beach, VA


address traces to:

Peninsula Rescue Mission 3700 Huntington Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607-2711 (757) 380-6909


He has a very long felony criminal background in Virginia, his Bachelor and Master's degrees are BS and his proclaimed service as a Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. has been denied by family members and could not be confirmed by NCIS or the Master Guns network.

This individual/company posted want ads on Craig's List and Career Builder and from the Phoenix Group website. We do not know how many people sent in applications but if you did, please consider putting a Fraud Alert on your credit history. In speaking to the Sheriff's Dept. the alleged contract was with, they confirmed there is no contract being sought.

Mr. Reed has used people's military and law enforcement backgrounds to access the PSC, AT/CT, LEO and Intel communities in his effort to get his hands around this grant money and to get SSNs, DD214s and other personal info from people looking for work.

You can look at details in his MySpace and LinkedIn profiles to notice the discrepancies.

You can search both FL and VA websites to confirm that he has no licenses either himself or his "companies".

You will notice from the websites we included that he continuously uses the term "forcED protection" and that there is a large amount of grammar and spelling errors. Not criminal but clearly someone that doesn't have an understanding of military terminology.

As far as his supposed Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, contact the Registrar's Office at University of Maryland @ 301 405 1000 or you can run an inquiry through in ref. the Master's degree he claims he got the same year he got his bachelor's.

You can check VA Criminal History about his 84 convictions;

(Search as Reed, Juan in the Hampton General District)



FYI Juan Reed former "Phoenix Group and associates" Is still representing himself as A Gunny now has started "˜Black Raven Group"



This has to be the most *** thing I have ever read.


What a sociopath.


This is my cousin and he is very crazy. He has never been in the military trust me I know because I grew up with him and was here in Hampton on these so called military dates. He worked at a Grocery Store named Rack and Sack....Please really Juan


SELF WRITTEN BIO JUAN REED STILL A FELON. Illegal Possession of aFirearm by a FELON and many other charges. DOESNT PAY BILLS OR SHOW UP IN COURT thats called CAPIAS Juan. Get a dictionary and look it up. Try telling the truth just once. Nevermind thats not possible.

Juan Reed

Hampton, Virginia - United States

CEO @ PIG and Associates

Defense And Space

107 Estates Dr

Fredericksburg, Virginia

United States Mobile: 7574103519

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About Juan ReedPhoenix Group and Associates Closes It’s Doors:

Pig and Associates, One of the premier Private Military Security Detail businesses closes it doors. It’s CEO Juan C. Reed has retired his company and went to work for another government contractor for pennies of what he was making annually with PIG and Associates.

PIG and Associates employed more than 180 operators world wide and to clandestine security operations all over the globe. Why Mr. Reed retired his company, Nobody will never know.

Insiders say that PIG and Associates were falling because of a rival security group and they were slandered through the mud. Mr. Reed denies that accusation and says it was just time for him to let go and give the reigns up with a new child on the way and his new wife who also has her own company and...

The Security World will never forget Mr. Reed. His inside and great enthusiastic mind brought a new wave to security as a whole. Mr. Reed now lives in Frederiksberg, Virginia with his new family and two Rottweiler’s, Kennedy and Reagan. Mr. Reed does want to teach though. He has been offered by several universities and tech school for a position in the Criminal Justice Programs.

Even though Mr. Reed owned and operated an international security company with Poise Precision and Audacity as is calling card. Mr. Reed was not immune to his troubles with the law. Mr. Reed received several traffic violations through out the United States and even some misdemeanor criminal violations, but that still did not stop Mr. Reed. He pursued on. He still love the United States of America. With his love for public safety and him basically being bread into the field because of his mother having served almost 40 years in the Department of the Defense, His Father retiring as a police officer, his older brother retiring as a Major from the United States Army and his youngest sibling being in the homeland security field. Mr. Reed determination was interrupted by petty obstacles. Mr. Reed we wish you well in your new family, your new life and hope that everything works as planned.


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to Juan Reed #579672

The jig is up. You played yourself, now please stop the maddness!


Really Juan all the info i just posted and all you can say is theres no Newport Beack.Im sorry Newport News.

Now what?

Try to lie out of this info its all true and all you can do is argue that theres no Newport Beach.Nice try poser give it up


This Guy is crazy and is very psychopathic just check out his google his name "Jeff Morgan". It proves his lies and deceit are very *** said and written> First there is no such thing as Newport Beach, Virginia




FYI Juan Reed former “Phoenix Group and associates” Is still representing himself as A Gunny now has started ‘Black Raven Group”


Still at it I have his military record or should I say lack of.Never even went to Basic Training he was thrown out at the AFEES satation.

So how can he be a retired Gunnery Sgt.


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Attack Protection - R1 Caution When Dealing Atack Protection

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Dear Readers

I ran into a guy name Jeffrey Morgan of Attack Protection down in the Fort Lauderdale area and his whole company was a rip off. He claimed to be this Special Forces Marine and everybody knows there are no Special Forces in the Marine Corps plus he claims he had all this experience in Counter Terrorism and Anti Terrorism. This guys company is a fraud. He sticks people for money. I did a due diligence on this guys and found him to be a wife beater and has a criminal record a mile long full off misdemeanors and felony convictions. How he got his license to do security I don't know. This guy claims to have all this operational experiences and security experience but I find those were lies too.

Please beware of this guy and his fraudulent ruthless business tactics. This guy will stick his mother for some cash. I also found he house is almost in foreclosure and his bills are outstanding. For this guy to be a professional security person. I would not trust him with somebody else's money.

Concerned Citizen

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I had a feeling this guy was a fraud> Lmao

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